Yay or Nay: Black Wedding Dresses

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Style Me Pretty recently posted some gorgeous shots from a wedding shoot over at Lincoln Center in NYC.  It featured a classic black and white color palette with one especially noticeable aspect– a stunning black wedding dress.

This got us to thinking, what do people think of non-traditional color wedding dresses, especially a dramatic shade like black?  Sure we’ve all seen the traditional white gown with a sash to add some color but what about those daring enough to go all the way?  Colored wedding gowns are certainly more memorable (Gwen Stefani rocked a dip-dyed pink gown on her wedding day– who could forget that?) but can also be controversial, especially among more conservative family members and friends.  And a black wedding dress, a color associated with death, mourning, and uncertainty, might be the most extreme example of a colored dress.

But as that Lincoln Center wedding shows us, black wedding gowns are also sophisticated, edgy, and becoming more main stream.  The color is also tied to many positive traits including honor, perfection, and beauty. Perhaps with those associations in mind, Vera Wang released a runway collection comprised of only black wedding gowns, met with wild acclaim.  More and more couples are looking to be unique and a colored wedding dress is certainly one way to accomplish that.  Plus…who doesn’t look good in black?

As for us, we always applaud brides who look to do things a little differently and aren’t afraid to go against the grain.  And our black diamond engagement rings are some of the most popular, suggesting that incorporating black into one’s wedding might be more than just a passing trend.

What do you guys think?  Did you wear or would you ever consider wearing a black wedding dress for your big day?

(Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty)