DIY Valentine’s Beauty Hinting Tips


With Valentines day approaching in less than a week… how nice would it be to hint to your significant other what special day is coming – celebrating love together.  By adding hearts to your mani/pedi or putting a little face paint around your eyes with Valentine’s day symbols. This will remind your honey what day is coming soon. None of these last minute runs to the mall/gift shop, or eating sloppy joes at home because you couldn’t get a reservation at a favorite restaurant. We all know someone who has been there, and we want you to enjoy the day together. So this week just be creative and out of the ordinary with pinks, reds and hearts because that’s exactly what love LOVES to do and that is to be special in it’s own way.

DIY Valentines Beauty Theme

DIY Valentines Beauty Themes


What helps you say “YES” to a proposal?

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What helps you say “yes”?

Whether you’re the girl who has played dress up in your mother’s clothes and heels, dreaming about your big day since you were just a child or you’re the girl who isn’t a hopeless romantic yet you found the love of your life. When you meet ‘the one’, the idea of marriage should seem almost effortless. The simple act of your beloved, getting down on one knee, telling you that he can’t live without surely is enough. However, how much is just enough?

The survey we have for you today does not question your commitment or your intentions to be with the person you love. It’s simply helps us learn about you and what you prefer as an engagement ring. But before you fill us in on your preferences, here are 5 rules we’ve gathered together for you, to help remind all the ladies and gents the procedure to follow before going forward with a proposal. Continue reading

FOUR Unique DIY Gifts


1)   Mint Julep – The perfect chilled cocktail to rival the ending of summer. It’s simple and quick, besides it’s the little decorative details that take up time and love. Gather your materials; (glass bottles with corks, twine, fresh mint, sugar, bourbon, scissors, label paper, and a paint brush)

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The Two Diamond Mining Techniques

As a jewelry company who cares about the environment, we want to educate our customers on the time, labor, and love that goes into getting that precious gem onto your finger. The origins of how diamonds came to be or how the entire process works isn’t a topic most people go out of their way to do research for. Here is DITR’s summarization of the two diamond mining techniques.

Natural diamonds are taken from the Earth through a process called mining.

The precious gem we all know and love – diamonds – come from two types of deposits. Each type requires specific mining techniques. The way diamonds are mined require technical skill and knowledge. The two forms of performing this process are Alluvial and Pipe mining. Primary deposits, the diamonds who are contained in kimberlite pipes, require open pit or underground mining operations. Open pit and underground mines, require physical labor from miners to dig and crush the ores surrounding the diamonds in order to obtain the precious gems. This is called pipe miningView first and middle image.

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Fashion: London Fashion Week RTW Favorites

With London Fashion Week over, we wanted to pair our  favorite designers with a few of rings from the Bridal Collection (by clicking the photo, you’ll be redirected to the ring collection featured). This year’s RTW SS15 collections surely did not disappoint. With contemporary, classic, and innovative styles – on and off the runway – this season supplied plenty of unconventional trends we were hungry for.

ISSA– Ready-to-wear

Since Chloe designer, Blue Farrier has taken over the brand in 2013, the fashion revolution of Issa has taken life. The collection featured plenty of loose, feminine separates and dresses, showcasing an effortless movement of fabrics. With a collection of raspberry and apricot hues, it was the most pretty out of the four designers we chose to feature in this post. We couldn’t take our eyes off this minimalistic yet artistic top and bottom ensemble designed in black-and-white. Not only does the composition match perfectly alongside the Embrace collection, it creates a flattering silhouette even against the structural looseness.


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Love for All Seasons: Fall’ing in Love Autumn Edition

To continue our Love for All Seasons edition, here is our Autumn issue; Fall’ing in Love. Autumn weddings have always been a crowd favorite and it’s the sister season to Summer. The crisp fall air and the changing of leaves is the essence of a fresh start with your love. Autumn’s natural foliage and temperate weather makes for a great time for any couple’s nuptials! Do make a note that there are many holidays during the fall, make sure you coordinate with your closest family and friends on their schedules, you don’t want no’s from guests because they truly couldn’t step away!


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A brief history of the Wedding Band

A recognizable symbol of love, the wedding band.


Being that it is the ultimate symbol of love between two sweethearts, the history of ring began with the Egyptians around 3000BC.  In ancient times, people often used simple braided materials such as grass, sedges, or papyrus to source the rings. Later on, rings were made in leather, bone or ivory, allowing for longer maintenance. Rings at that time were meant to bring the spirit of the partner under control. By offering a woman the ring as a symbol of love, it was also meant to award them as a symbol of ownership at the same time. Sadly, feminism wasn’t exactly active or existent during such times. Reeds were given to the women to “bind” them to their betrothed, quite literally, so that a female could not get away from her groom. Talk about exercising control.. and depending on the material given to the female, wealth was based on the material given. Some things certainly do not change.

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SS15 Bridesmaid Fashion Tips

Attending a wedding certainly has its perks; now being in a wedding is unmistakably even better. In spite of all the responsibilities that extend from the role of being a bridesmaid, the process of delegating the bridesmaid dresses and the garment itself is one of the best parts, pre-wedding that is. You’ll be tasked with the choice of color, cut, style, and fabric – all falling into the parasol of selection.


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