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Featured: Diamond In The Rough Gold Grace Ring and Engagement Ring.

Featured: Diamond In The Rough Grace Ring and Wedding Ring.


Fall is the most beautiful time of the year to explore our wonderful New York City. Our Urban color palette is here to inspire your wardrobe this season with rich oranges, smokey pinks and espresso browns. Tour the city’s array of cozy coffee shops for a latte or treat yourself to a mulled apple cider. City parks transform into an array of gorgeous colors so pack a picnic and make the most before the temperature drops. And don’t forget to spoil yourself with something sparkly to light up a cloudy day! We’ve already drunk in the colors, have you?

Simple Wedding Social Media Etiquette

It’s your big day and it’s finally here! In order to make any wedding go accordingly to plan, there has to be a procedure and a set of rules that goes into all the tiers of a wedding affair. In the world of social media #hashtags, tweets, Facebook updates, and Instagram uploads, your wedding will be publicized. Here are a few wedding faux and passes, you should let your guests acknowledge.



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Let Love Blossom | Flower Pairings

Discovering the perfect ring to represent your love is a tedious task like finding your perfect soul mate. Delicate and sweet, breathtaking and one-of-a-kind, just as a love blossoms and blooms into a relationship, we couldn’t help but think of how our unique bridal collection compares to just that; flowers.



Moderne + The Tulip | Signifies a declaration of love. It also symbolizes fame and perfect love. Just like our Moderne engagement ring with its simple band, showcasing the beauty of the rough diamond and letting it speak for its self.


Precious + The Calla Lily | Symbolizes magnificence and beauty. White Calla lilies combine these two attributes with purity and innocence associated with the color white to make it the perfect choice of flower in a Wedding bouquet. The Precious ring is a timeless design that that much like the Lilly, features the diamond in its most pure form, accenting it with minimal pave. 

Calla Lilly

Grace + The Gardenia | Symbolizes purity and sweetness. They indicate secret love and convey joy. They tell the receiver you are lovely and who wouldn’t want to hear that. Remind her just how lovely she is with our Grace Collection. It is sweet, simply stated and naturally radiant, much like the gardenia. 


Classic + The Peony | Symbolizes bashfulness and compassion. It symbolizes a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity, all things wanted in a full life. Our Classic style lend a hand to both a subtle yet elegant design. Blooming with micro pave, a center rough diamond is kept the star of the show. 


Embrace + The Bird of Paradise | Symbolizes joyfulness and magnificence. It can also be used to indicate exciting and wonderful anticipation and our Embrace Ring is nothing short of exciting. This exquisite design gives enough glamour to ruffle anyones feathers.

bird of paradise



[Rings mentioned from top to bottom : 3D334-1.23, 3D147-1.31, 3D897-1.80, 3D887-1.89,ORW1020PDPL 2.91X6.5]

*flower meanings gathered from

A Mother’s Day Bouquet on Us!

Mother’s Day sneaking up on you? Let us handle the hard part in a unique way. We’ll be surprising one lucky Mother on May 8th with a beautiful flower arrangement that will arrive to her door! Participate in our Mother’s Day Surprise event on our Facebook & Instagram starting April 22nd and you could win this bouquet for your Mother.

Two ways to enter:

On Facebook

Comment and show your love for Mom | Share the FB post to send out some virtual love!


On Instagram

Follow Us | Comment on the image below telling us what your favorite thing about your Mom is.

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Who will be the one lucky Mom?


Details of the Giveaway: Only 1 winner will be selected. We will announce the winner of the bouquet Monday, May 2nd when the contest closes. The winner will be notified via Facebook or Instagram direct message. They will have 2 days to claim prize. Winner will be chosen using a third party random drawing service, only participants from Canada and the US can enter. Bouquet (from 1800Flowers) will be shipped to winner’s mother directly on May 8th. Please contact us with any questions: or 1(888)245-5145.

Wedding Band Do’s and Don’ts

After the “I Do’s” are said, another special piece of jewelry is added to your finger that you will cherish forever. The giving of a wedding band and the meaning behind it dates back to long before our time. The circle of the ring symbolizing a love with no beginning or end and an open space in the middle to symbolize an open door to a new life together.

When choosing the style for your band, whether you go the simpler route or do something a little more glamorous there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep you from having a fashion faux pas.



Do’s :

1. Pair your ring with a coordinating wedding band to match. This keeps the ring looking clean and classic.

2. You can also choose a simple band to pair with your engagement ring to draw more attention to the ring. This also gives you a simpler look even when your engagement ring is glamorous.

3. Create something a little more fun by stacking your ring with two pave bands on either side. This makes a statement and gives you all the bling you could ever want!


Don’ts :

1. A rough diamond band may not be the perfect match to an engagement ring with pave diamonds. However, if you wear these rings on two separate fingers you will have a beautiful combination of rough and polished diamonds.

2.Styling with multiple rings is on trend at the moment. When pairing the rings with your precious jewelry, we advise against wearing fashion rings on either side of your engagement ring and wedding band especially when choosing an eternity band with stones the all way around the band. The knocking of the two rings together may cause the metals to scratch one another or loosen the prongs on your band, causing you to loose stones.

3. Another current trend is mixing metals. When choosing a wedding band, we suggest you stay consistent with the metal for amore put-together look. If you would like to mix metals, do so with anniversary rings or another ring stack.

don'ts copy

Of course, these are all opinions. If you take one of our don’ts and make it a do – go for it! We’d love to see how you made it work; send us an image of your Diamond in the Rough bridal set and we’ll show it off for you!

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Jewel + Jasper on Pink Diamonds


Jewel: Jasper, I have a question for you. Why do we come in so many different colors?

Jasper: Well, our colors come from what chemical we are around before we are born. That is, except if you are born pink.

Jewel: What makes pink diamonds different from the rest? How are they colored?

Jasper: Until recently, it’s been sort of a mystery. Scientists did however discover that the color is not cause by a trace element, like for example boron makes blue diamonds blue. 

Jewel: So what would cause us to be colored pink?

Jasper: A colored center. Some scientists think it is colored by an atomic-level lattice defect that selectively absorb light in the visible region of the spectrum.

Jewel: Um, what?

Jasper: Ha ha ha! Let me make this a little simpler. We are colored when we undergo extreme heat and pressure. When all this is happening, disturbance during the growth process creates grain lines. These lines bend light and produce the pink hue which in turn reflects throughout the diamond. The stronger the grain line, the stronger the color. 

Jewel: I see. So we can just be one shade of pink then?

Jasper: No, there are so many shades of pink! The GIA uses a grading scale called Fancy Grade. This ranges from fancy light – fancy intense. 

Jewel: How does it work?

Jasper:  Let me show you this chart to help you understand. See, there are 8 different shades or variations of color or in this case, pink. Grading a fancy color diamond a is complex and specialized trade, and it takes highly trained laboratory graders to complete the process accurately.

Jewel:I’d love to be purple pink like fancy vivid, does it mean I am more expensive? 🙂

Jasper: It’s true that the deeper the color, the more expensive! With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are the rarest. With fancy color diamonds – Even the slightest color difference can affect the value of the diamond, especially when it comes to pink. Along with blue and green, pink and red are they highest priced colored diamonds. Clarity also plays a huge part in price.

Jewel: I hear that most our pink ladies came from Australia is that true? 

JasperYes, it is.  They are born in the Argyle diamond mine in western Austria. You know the celebrity Argyle Pink Jubilee was born there! 

Jewel: Wow, I want that to be me! Thanks for teaching me all about PINK. I want to know about all the other colors we come in sometime. Will you tell me?

Jasper: I would love to.


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fancy colored

5 Ways To Surprise Your Valentine

It’s officially February and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! No matter if you’ve been together for 10 years, just beginning your relationship or simply reminding a family member just how much you care; Valentine’s Day can be stressful to give a gift that means something. DIY little something  to surprise your sweetheart! Who doesn’t love finding unexpected notes or little gifts in everyday places? 🙂

Here are 5 ways to show your valentine how much they mean to you!

  • Everyone needs a little snack throughout the day. Pack your sweetheart a little lunch to take to work or school with them. However, this will not be just any lunch. This one is made with love…



  • Get Crafty! Buy your valentine a little something and wrap it in the sweetest DIY paper. Here’s how to do it!DIY-1024x610-1


  • Surprise them with a heart felt note…. or 10. Create this heart shaped love letter on their bathroom mirror reminding them of all the things you love about them!


  • Make “Open When…” envelopes for your valentine for them to open when they are having a bad day, they miss you, or just when they want to remember how much you love them.
  • open when... copyPlan a night out! This doesn’t mean the typical dinner date either. Plan something that you have been talking about doing but haven’t gotten around to it. Go to a concert, a new breakfast spot in your town, or even a weekend getaway! Show that you were listening even when they think you aren’t 😉

vday coffee

Have more ideas? Share the love! Let us know and share them in the comments & Happy Valentine’s Day everyone <3


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2016 Engagement Ring Trends

A New Year brings new trends and while everyone is wondering what is new in fashion for the upcoming year, there is no exception for jewelry! We’ve found the top 3 for engagement ring styles for 2016. According to stylists, fashion bloggers, and top bridal companies the ideas of bold, vintage and colors are what is hot right now. Below are few ways to stay in style with raw diamonds.

Stack It

It may have begun when Audrey Hepburn’s husband Mel Ferrer gave her 3 stackable bands for their wedding but it’s still a trend that is going stronger than ever. Whether you are adding the extra bands for style or to celebrate a milestone, this trend is a great way to personalize your ring.

Stand Out With Yellow Gold 

It’s back. Yellow gold wedding rings made their first appearance in the middle ages and we’ve come a long way since then. Gold bands lend themselves to be perfectly paired with yellow diamonds and also look amazing with chocolate colored stones. We suggest choosing a metal to match your skin tone if you can’t decide.

Give A Little Color

The diamond is the most sought-after stone for an engagement ring. But, this may be colored stones’ moment in the spot light. Colored stones make a beautiful ring. Vibrant green, yellow and reddish brown bring an added edge to the already unique rock. 

Keep in mind that trends are exactly that, trendy. They come and go but your engagement ring will be forever. Our number one tip no matter what is, when choosing an engagement ring make sure YOU love it. These are only ideas not rules so whatever you choose – rock it in your own way!


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Fairytale Winter Wedding Destination

East coast winters are nothing short of magical. Moments after the first snow, the untouched blankets of white glisten under the sun and it’s almost as if you are inside of a magical snow globe. It’s peaceful, pure and dreamy and despite the cold temperatures, a winter wedding is nothing aside from of spectacular.

Like every little girl, you dream of our special day to be nothing short of our own fairytale. A handsome prince, the perfect gown, and of course, a breathtaking palace. We present to you, Mont-Tremblant.


Allow yourself to be swept away by the undeniable charm of this picturesque pedestrian village straight out of a story book. Nestled in the village is an array of accommodations for your traveling guest. Say “I do” at countless breathtaking location. Your options include- St. Bernard Chapel, the summit of the mountain, on the shores of Lac Tremblant, directly on Lac Tremblant and many more.

Mont-Tremblant Wedding at Le Grand Lodge. Byward Market Ottawa Canada. Photos by Andrew Van Beek

Mont-Tremblant Wedding at Le Grand Lodge. Byward Market Ottawa Canada. Photos by Andrew Van Beek

After your big day, spend the rest of your visit exploring the area. Spend the day skiing, snowboarding, or hiking. Looking for something a little less active? Shop around the village, enjoy a treatment at Amerispa, right outside the village, or simply relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful Laurentian peaks.

At the end of your trip, we suggest taking the day to travel to Montreal (1.5hrs away from Mont Tremblant). When the weather get cold enough, you can even ice skate on the lake and enjoy the views of historic Old Montreal. You can also find authentic french cuisine and see the Notre-Dame Basilica right beside Old Port at night. The Basilica offers coral performances and a light show in the winter months. This would most definitely be a magical end to your fairytale wedding getaway.



So, have we sold you yet? This experience will be enough to “wow” your guests and not to mention make a lasting memory for the first chapter in your storybook. If you decide to choose Mount-Tremblant as your wedding destination, let us know! We hope all your wedding dreams come true and we want nothing more than for you to live happily ever after!

Mont-Tremblant Wedding at Le Grand Lodge. Byward Market Ottawa Canada. Photos by Andrew Van Beek

Mont-Tremblant Wedding at Le Grand Lodge. Byward Market Ottawa Canada. Photos by Andrew Van Beek

New Year’s Eve Style Guide

December 31st is a big day for everyone no matter if you are counting the hours until it’s over for a fresh start or hanging on to every second for it was the best year ever. It marks the end of the 365 page chapter in our life and that is something that we love to celebrate!

Whether you are spending the evening out with friends, watching the ball drop in Time Square or snuggled up by the fire you should ring in 2016 in style! We’ve put together ideas to make your New Years Eve a night to remember, no matter what!

Night Out

1. Jumpsuit | 2. Clutch | 3. Exclusive Ring | 4. Lipstick | 5. Heels

Ball Drop

1. Coat | 2. Champagne Bubbles Earrings | 3. Hat | 4. Boots | 5. Gloves

Cozy at Home

1. Aria Studs | 2. PJs | 3. Blanket | 4. Slippers


ArtVesta’s Wine & Cake Social


Let’s be honest, making decisions about your wedding isn’t as glamorous as it seems. We are here to help take the stress out of planning your big day. We’ve found you the perfect bridal event to meet your local photographer, cake designer, florist, invitation designer, photo booths and makeup artist. Plus, what’s better than enjoying delicious samples of wedding cake while sipping on some wine? Sharing it with other brides-to-be! The best part is, you’re invited –

Wine & Cake 10:15:14 Event Invitation2.eps


Ask vendors questions while exchanging ideas with other brides-to-be. Space is limited so don’t forget to RSVP before at

Hope see you there!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

The changing of leaves, the drop in temperatures and the return of the PSL can only mean one thing – Fall.

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. After transitioning our closets from bathing suits and sundresses to sweaters and boots, we have complied a list of our fall favorite. These staple pieces can be mixed and matched to create classic looks to carry you throughout the season. Something you see on the list that you don’t already have? Nothing’s better than an excuse to go shopping! So, dry your tears with a blanket scarf after packing away your bikini and enjoy the season while it lasts. 🙂 You can let us know what’s on your essentials list below. Maybe you can give us an excuse to shop!

fall esentials

1. Booties | 2. Stud Earrings | 3. Blanket Scarf | 4. Distressed Jeans

5. Felt Hat | 6. Oversized Cardigan | 7. Denim Chambray Shirt | 8. Neutral Tote

Choosing the Perfect Ring for your Skin Tone

Just like finding the perfect partner, finding the perfect engagement ring is equally as hard. Wether you want to fit in or stand out, we are making this choosing a little easier! We’ve paired our unique rings to each skin tone below showing you your best ring pairings.

Choosing a ring is a special decision and whatever you choose will be YOUR dream ring. We hope these guides help!

Rings that POP Rings that Complement

Jewel + Jasper on Carat Weight

J&J Carat Weight

Jewel: So Jasper, what is carat weight?

Jasper: That’s a great question. It’s our body weight. It is measured by carats.

Jewel: How does our weighting system work?

Jasper: A carat is divided into 100 points. For example, a 50-point diamond weighs 0.50 carats. But we have different value depending on our marks, colors, shapes.

Jewel: Where did the name carat come from? Why are we not called something else?  

Jasper: The word carat derives from the Greek word ‘keration’ meaning fruit of the carob. Because of their uniform size. The weight of an average carob seed is 200 milligrams. The weight of one carat is precisely 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.

Jewel: How can we differentiate this?

Jasper: Carat Weight defines our weight, not our size, The term ‘carat’ is often misunderstood to mean the size of us. The size of us relate to the dimensions or measurement in terms of length, width and height.  The carat weight is the standard unit of measure that defines the weight of us. For example, when a tall thin guy may weigh heavier than a short fat one, the carat weight is bigger but not necessary bigger look.

Jewel: Hmmm…. then what is used to measure our value?

Jasper:  Once we found from the earth, we are sent to the sorter. There they put us in different categories like sizes, shapes, colors, and with various internal characteristics.

Jewel: But how does that measure the value?.

Jasper: When we’re in rough form it’s hard to determine our value until we polished and graded by GIA. The seller/buyer uses the guideline from Rapaport to sell or buy us. When we are untouched we only can use the estimate value sometimes our quality may end up better than estimate. Our characteristics make up unique and different. which is priceless!

Jewel:  It looks like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Jasper:. Your right Jewel. The grading system provide a way to compare and evaluate diamonds, but numbers alone can’t describe a diamond’s mysterious and captivating beauty .


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Perfect By Nature

Diamond in the Rough jewelry represents nature’s mystery and beauty.

Untampered, untouched, just as nature intended. Our jewelry created around a one of a kind diamonds, resembles the same beauty found in landscapes, weather conditions and plant life. We’ve pulled inspiration from twelve pieces to show that there is beauty in everything. Once a month we will reveal another image to be added to the gallery. You can follow the series by searching the hashtags #ArtofRough & #NaturesDiamond