SS15 Bridesmaid Fashion Tips

Attending a wedding certainly has its perks; now being in a wedding is unmistakably even better. In spite of all the responsibilities that extend from the role of being a bridesmaid, the process of delegating the bridesmaid dresses and the garment itself is one of the best parts, pre-wedding that is. You’ll be tasked with the choice of color, cut, style, and fabric – all falling into the parasol of selection.


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Five Charming Outdoor Dating Spots in NYC


1) The Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Garden – Take the southwest elevators from the ground floor and you’ll be greeted by a fully stocked martini, cocktail bar on top of feasibly the world’s finest art collection. While walking across a sea of viridescent grounds, the museum’s dramatic open air space allows you to get a full view of Central Park in its pure verdant spirit. Continue reading

White & Prints for Labor Day

Fashion continues to evolve and form it’s own set of rules throughout time. Two of the most commonly known misconceptions are ‘No white after Labor Day’ and ‘Don’t Mix Patterns’. With no factual detail of why these two rules have came to be, it’s safe to say that you can dress in all white with little to no qualms or pair stripes with leopard if you’d like this weekend. Besides, why should you let the climate control your color selection? I mean the climate can determine your style but definitely not your color preference.  Take charge, baby girl! Don’t conform to the style constraints of others. Just don’t pair plaid with polka dots; you won’t be able to forgive yourself.

On that note, here are four outfits inspired by two of our favorite bloggers; FashionToast and TheBlondeSalad for the upcoming holiday:


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Love for All Seasons: Lush Verdant Summer Edition

Seasonality is a crucial factor for all brides-to-be. Now you don’t honestly think it would be cute to flaunt faux fur in spring or summer, do you? Or sport a short hemmed gown in the middle of winter? That would be foolish and upsetting against any woman’s skin during the cold season. Nevertheless, there is beauty in every season, and essentially your choice on which time of the year you would like to commemorate your ceremony. Here is our first in a set of four: Love for All Seasons Featured Posts with categories of color direction, attire insight, floral recommendation, venue tips, and weather conditions to watch out for. DITR is here to assist you in your dream wedding!


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A Reason to go Raw

Humans are emotional creatures.

We cannot deny, nor should we spend time denying or defying this fact. We are allowed our own degrees of emotional stability between one another but humans are in fact, emotional creatures. Essentially this is how we connect with the people we love.

As a person in love, how would you want your love to be defined, concretely?
And how can you declare your boundless love?
How about a raw diamond? A rough diamond, to be exact.

Natural rough diamonds

raw diamonds, colors, pink, brown, green

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Wedding Dress Inspirations and Ring Selections

You have always stood out. You preferred finger paints to coloring inside the lines with crayons in elementary school, went thrift shopping instead of going to the mall in high school, and today you are known for your creativity and uniqueness.

So on one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day, you don’t want to look like all the other brides. And why should you? You aren’t like all the other brides! An original like you deserves an original wedding dress and (of course), original jewelry to match. Watch out, everyone! There’s a new kind of bride in town. And she’s not afraid of some color.

Graphic-Print Goddess
Carolina Herrera’s effortless but edgy print makes a statement. Add an incredible cocktail ring composed of a 56.9 carat black diamond set in micro pave diamonds and 18K white gold for an attention-getting combination. He won’t be able to look away and neither will anyone else!

Carolina + DITR

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The Essence behind a Yellow Diamond

Diamonds by widespread knowledge carries the coded meaning of relationship strength, clarity and abundance. The popularity of these stones dates back to hundreds of years. Louis van Berquem’s 137 carat Florentine Diamond, which was designed in 1467, is one of the most famous yellow diamond jewels. Yellow is noted as one of the most sought out hues next to the white diamond nowadays. Its color has been popularized among prominent stars through the decades and has made various headlines for prices garnered at auctions.


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The Evolution of the 1950s Jumpsuit to RTW Collections Today

The innovation of fashion trends and style has continued to shape, govern, and guide us into through the decades. The vogue of fashion modes have been sweeping us socially and culturally since the brink of time – creating eras for us fashionistas – to love and embrace. Films such as Breathless or Sunset Boulevard were much celebrated film noirs during the 50s. It also brought about the shapes and silhouettes; we have come to adore these days. The 1950s ‘jumpsuit’ trend came around the same time; acrylic, spandex, and nylon hit the scene. The 50s re-introduced feminine and bold designs back into clothing shelves for woman across the globe. Two iconic women in this decade were Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.


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DIY a Personalized Jewelry Holder

We all like to mix and match, especially when it comes to jewelry. While keeping your jewelry organized is a must, having all your pieces on display is a plus. So, we’ve put together a few ideas for framing and displaying jewelry that will save you time and help you easily see which pieces you can wear for the day.

Project #1 A polka dotted jewelry display! A very elegant and feminine look – a princess’ favorite! :)

Ideas for a Classic July 4th Proposal

National pride, cookouts, family gatherings, fireworks… July 4th! Make this fun holiday perfect by proposing to the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with.  Here we put together a few classic loving ideas that will make her feel like a star!

True Love's Fireworks

During the fireworks. Fireworks create a beautiful backdrop for an engagement proposal. Her face will be lit up by more than just her emotions!

Surprise her when she wakes up. Before the start of the day you can secretly slip the ring on her finger. When she opens her eyes all she will see is the ring and you down on one knee.

Have a private picnic. You can prepare a picnic for just the two of you. (Don’t forget the champagne.) Surprise her with a ring once the romantic mood is set. 

Throw a holiday barbecue. Invite your friends and family to for a barbecue party. To get everyone’s attention, stop the music, pick a visible location, and make your love the star of the event. 

On the beach at sunset. Create the perfect proposal moment by walking along the shoreline and as the sun is setting steal her attention with a stunning engagement ring.


The unexpected moment she has been dreaming for is right in front of her  and now she feels like the main character of her favorite romantic movie :).

Share with us your unique way to propose, we’d love to hear from you! Happy 4th July!